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Mini Brush Kit

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This kit of 8 brushes is curated to include all the essentials to create a complete makeup look. These high-quality brushes are designed for ease of application and flexibility. This kit is valued at $230.



  1. Complexion blender
  2. Conceal and blend
  3. Blending shadow
  4. Smudge brush
  5. Blush Contour
  6. Highlighter
  7. Powder Blending
  8. Bronzing fan

Complexion Blender Brush

Get a perfect finish on your foundation when you use the fan-shaped foundation brush.

Conceal and Blend Brush

Get a perfect finish on your concealer when you use this tapered brush to conceal and blend your concealer.

Blending Shadow Brush

Our Blending Brush will help you blend eyeshadow for a smooth transition between colors and to create a cohesive look for any look you are trying to achieve.

Smudge Brush

Our Smudge Brush helps glide colours smoothly onto eyelids for even, precise eye make-up application.

Blush Contour Brush

The slanted brissles on this brush will allow percise application for a sculpted look.

Highlighter Brush

This dome shaped brush is designed for precision highlighting on your cheekbones and brow bones to achieve a perfect highlighted glowing effect.

Powder Blending Brush

This Powder Blending Brush is perfect for setting makeup, it's best to tap the brush over the face rather than sweeping it.

Bronzing Fan Brush

This dry fan brush provides the perfect light touch to apply your favourite bronzer.

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