The Dos and Don’ts of Grooming Your Eyebrows at Home

Do: Step away from the tweezers

Emily MacCulloch 

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major change in our daily lives. While everyone who can is (hopefully) helping slow the spread of the virus by staying home, regularly scheduled beauty appointments for treatments like haircuts, eyebrow grooming and manicures—remember manicures?!—are on pause while salons remain temporarily closed. And while a bushy brow is a thing of beauty, seven weeks of letting our arches grow freely means things might be looking a little *too* wild. Since we are the masters of our own beauty routines ATM, we tapped a few top eyebrow pros to share need-to-know tips for how to groom and care for your arches from the comfort of your own home.

Read on for all the dos and don’ts of at-home brow maintenance from three trusted experts.

Do: Let ’em grow

All of our experts agree: during this time of self-isolation, let your natural brows grow in. “The more hair growth, the better,” says Haley Bogaert, founder of Haley Bogaert Face in Toronto. If you’re able to grow in your eyebrows, once isolation is over, your brow tech will be able to create a better, fuller shape, she says. While patience is key to letting those babies grow, adding a brow serum to your daily routine helps the hair to grow in quicker and thicker. Bogaert recommends applying your growth-boosting serum in three areas: above and below the brows, and all over the hairs. “Ensure that the head and tail of your brow are coated heavily with the serum as those two areas are the most important to create a full effect.”

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