HB Masterclass with Su La Po

A Five Minute Face with Toronto’s Brow Expert 

On a Tuesday morning in an early preview of Toronto’s frosty winter, a handful of influencers, entrepreneurs and go-getters could be seen entering an open-concept studio uptown, owned by brow expert to the stars Haley Bogaert.

White marble, jewelled chandelier light fixtures and floating shelving with a bevy of pastel products are first to greet you, a wave of top 40 tunes floating melodically onto Eglington street west. The HB Face team, all in matching white tees and splashy denim, are buzzing around the studio, setting out custom brush kits, holding coffees and talking about the latest products in the hotly-anticipated launch pipeline. Each of them, all present - Experts in their own right, ready to share their latest beauty + brow expertise with anyone who has an open ear. From one corner, a flash and a smile moves to greet you. “Hi,” she says. “I’m Haley.”


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