Hydration Kit


Overall Value $175

 Not included in our Black Friday promotion as the kits are already reduced by 25%

Hyaluronic Acid: 

This deeply hydrating serum immerses thirsty skin in hyaluronic acid, which helps generate and retain moisture. Even the most dehydrated complexions will feel smoother, softer, firmer and more supple. 

Rose Mist:

Infused with pure rose water, this hydrating facial mist soothes irritation, amplifies hydration, reduces redness and brightens the skin tone, supporting a beautifully even complexion. It can be used whenever the skin needs some replenishment and relaxation.

The Balm:

Extra nourishing and hydrating, The Balm restores moisture to heal and prevent dry skin. It protects and acts as an emollient, leaving your skin feeling dewy and quenched.

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